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Prices * & Home services

D.stress massage or relaxation with essential oils *, Traditional Taurumi Tahitian massage with Monoï

1h           9 000 xpf (90$)
1h30    12 000 xpf (120$)
2h00    17 000 xpf (170$)

Massage therapy, Deep tissue, sports recovery, deep massage (10$ extra/pers)
(solo at home from 90')

Foot reflexology
(Head, hands, feet)

30mn        5 500 xpf 
1h00         9 500 xpf

Detox massage with green clay
Zen hot stone massage

2h00    19 000 xpf

Complete Re-balancing treatment
(lomi lomi + shiatsu + moxas)

2H00      19 000 xpf

Janzu and Aquatic relaxation

1h (or more)  9 000 xpf

A Janzu session can last an hour or more with a duration in the water varying from 30 to 50 minutes depending on the person. It is an individual treatment adapted to each one and which can evolve over the sessions.

Even though the weather is fine and the water is warm,  we recommend putting on a lycra top for a comfortable long-term session (around 45mn)

Body scrub

30 mn    5  000 xpf

Exfoliation + Body waxing

1h30    13 000 xpf

2h00    19 000 xpf

Facial treatment with pink guava (exfoliation, massage, mask & day cream)

1h           10 000 xpf 

* Resident rates contact us
Pickup-Taxi from Sofitel Manava and Hilton.. ask for prices!

Reduction 1000 xpf if you come to our massage area in Tiahura by the sea.
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